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The business is offering a magical day trading indicator, a guide on day trading, and absolutely no evidence of prior trading achievement.

Complaints about the business are making their way into, and they aren’t pretty. Specifically, clients are asserting fraudulent misrepresentation of YouTube videos, in which the proprietors of their company are recording trades in marketplace replay mode. And claiming huge profits.

Owners of Day Trade The Markets refuse to react to allegations of fraud, however, are more than prepared to respond to queries to buy their magic trading solutions.


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Day Trade The Markets is a day trading educational company offering a ‘unique’ set of magical day trading indicators called Relative Aggression Bars.

Moreover, the company is also offering a trading manual with “12 trading setups”, a tutorial on how to trade the “Box Method”, and a system for scoring potential trading setups. There is no live trading component.

Day Trade The Markets costs a flat fee of $199 per month.

According to Archive.Org, the company appeared on the day trading educational scene in late 2011.

The owners of the company are named Dave Johnston and Justin Weinraub.

Day Trade The Markets is currently occupying the following social media channels:

Day Trade The Markets: How they market their product

Day Trade The Markets promotes to prospective customers through two primary marketing channels. The first marketing channel is a listing on the Ninja Trader Ecosystem as a certified educational provider. However, NinjaTrader makes nearly no efforts to vet the qualifications any trading educator. In fact, it appears that the only qualification to become a ‘certified educational provider’ at Ninja Trader is to place a promotional banner on the educational provider’s website.

The second marketing channel is a paid listing and paid webinar through Online Trader Central. What is Online Trader Central? They are essentially an email spammer. For a fee of $750, the owner of Online Trader Central, Kevin Driscoll will provide a venue in which trading educators can hawk their wares. The review pages of are filled to the brim with fraudulent trading educators that have, or are currently being promoted through either Ninja Trader or Online Trader Central.

As a rule of thumb, if you see a trading product promoted on Online Trader Central: it’s a scam. If the product is promoted on both Online Trader Central and Ninja Trader…hide your wallet.

Supposed Trading Performance of Day Trade The Markets

Day Trade The Markets does not post an official track record of live trades from either Dave Johnston or Justin Weinraub.

However, the YouTube page is an entirely different story.

The YouTube page contains video after video of assumed winning day transactions. Basically, these are teaser videos that provide the appearance that a live trade is going to be executed. The narrator walks the audience through a primrose path of marketing chicanery.

The audience is given the impression that a real trade has been implemented and real profits are being earned. It feeds to the typical stereotype of their day trader making easy cash. However, it’s fairly apparent that the videos are nothing more than Ninja Trader market reply.

For readers that are unfamiliar with this slight of hand, let me clarify the ruse. After the market closes, together with the benefit of hindsight, the trading instructor can cherry pick a marketplace that made a market movement. The trading educator then overlays the magical trading signs onto the chart, hits the movie recording button, and then initiates the industry function of Ninja Trader. Its not a real commerce, just a listing of what seems to be a real trade.

The video is then uploaded onto YouTube as a piece of marketing bull shittery.

The victim of the scam discovers the trading educator through Ninja Trader or Online Trader Central and then eventually will stumble onto the YouTube videos. The combination of the implicit recommendation by Ninja Trader with the supposed real time trading performance displayed on YouTube seals the deal. That customer sacrifices himself to the fraud.

Contacting Justin Weinraub and Dave Johnston

During the first few months of 2016, received several requests to review Day Trade The Markets. Unfortunately, neither Justin or Dave responded to our request to review the product. At that time, we decided to not draft a review. We had no complaints.

During the spring of 2017, our first few complaints started to roll in. The allegations were remarkably similar. That the victim had found Day Trade The Markets through Ninja Trader and had purchased the product. After several months of using the product, and consistently losing money…they contacted Day Trade The Markets and complained.

The specific complaint was that the YouTube videos of supposed profitable trading results did not match the software. Several customers became suspicious that neither Justin or Dave was ever actually trading with their product. They asked for proof of results in the form of account statements. Both Justin and Dave refused. The victims eventually contacted with their complaints.

Once again, reached out to Day Trade The Markets in June 2017. Predictably, Justin and Dave ignored our emails. However, the emails contain tracking functions that verified that the emails were opened and read. They simply refused to respond. also sent out a series of ‘lamb emails’ where we describe ourselves as newbie traders, with plenty of money to spend and very little common sense. That we were desperate to learn how to day trade. Day Trade The Markets had no problem responding to what they consider ‘easy prey’.

Yet another Ninja Trader phony

In the past three years, has written hundreds of articles regarding day trading educators. A majority of the reviews, where we expose fraud, can be traced back to Ninja Trader Broker/Ninja Trader Ecosystem.

It is sad and pathetic that a futures brokerage would continue to promote these shady individuals and callously allow the public to be harmed.

We will keep writing and keep exposing. Thanks for reading. Would love to read your comments below.