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Hugh Grossman of DayTradeSPY wants you to believe he earns 5% daily with his magical trading procedures. For only $2500, you also can realize your wildest dreams of unlimited shrimp cocktail and bikini babes lounging by the pool.

Sadly, this so-called investment plan is not rooted in reality. Rather, it’s drifting in an orbit of ether and snake oil.

Does anyone actually believe they can easily make 5% daily investment yields, with just 1-hour of work? Buyer beware.

In spite of this outrageous proposal, Hugh Grossman remains an adorable and laughable personality. A worthy carnival barker.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Day Trade SPY

Day Trade SPY company is owned and operated by Hugh Grossman, out of Niagara Falls, New York. The company is offering the following products and services:

  • Hugh’s Inner Circle: $110 per week where Hugh shares his “Morning Market Assesment.”
  • Pick of the Day: $50 per week. At 9:00 am EST, Hugh makes one trading recommendation.
  • Hugh’s Trading Room: $110 per week. The room is 30-45 minutes and Hugh shares his “thoughts.”
  • Hugh’s Basic Trading Course: $1,500. A course that teaches you how to earn 15% every day before 10:30 am.
  • Hugh’s Ultimate Trading Course: $2,500. A course that teaches you how to turn $1k into $100k in one year.
  • Hugh’s Trading Videos: 10 ‘secret’ videos for $1,490.

According to Archive.Org, the DayTradeSPY website has been in operation since 2016. Prior to 2016, since at least 2010, Hugh Grossman operated another website named This URL now forwards to DayTradeSPY.

DayTradeSPY currently occupies the following social media profiles:

Purported Trading Performance

On the DayTradeSPY website, there’s a performance page that lists the assumed trading performance of Hugh Grossman. It seems good. Too great. In fact, Hugh Grossman asserts he earns 5% daily, trading only 1 hour every day. The next screenshot was pulled from the header section of the site.

day trade spy

At this point, most readers of are probably sighing or screaming at their computer screen. Can anyone really earn 5% each and every day? Trading only one hour per day?

Wow Hugh, you truly must be the world’s greatest trader and financial savant. If I were to invest only $100 into your super secret trading method and simply reinvest the earnings, then at the end of one-year, my total profit would be $4,247,778,498.86.

Yep, in only a single year I can turn $100 into over $4 billion dollars.

Just a couple more weeks and Hugh’s secret trading method will pay back the whole $20 trillion federal debt! Therefore, I hereby nominate Hugh Grossman Secretary of the US Treasury. His truly magical trading system, which requires only one hour every day can enrich each American. We can all be rich! The best part is that Hugh claims that his strategy is”simple”.

Contacting Hugh Grossman

A reader of delivered me an email and requested that I review the trading service. They’d sent me a screenshot of those supposed”5 percent each day” investment yields…we both had a giggle.

My first impression was…who would actually believe something so outrageously fraudulent? I next sent Hugh Grossman an email and introduced myself. I requested an official inspection. In my emailI clarified that barely anyone that cooperates and is completely honest and transparent will find a bad review. I recommended that he call me. That according to the”5 percent each day” investment yields, it was highly probable that I would have plenty of fun with this particular review.

In my surprise, Hugh known as me. He was comfortable with my strange obsession with writing about trading teachers. The dialogue started off funny, and only got funnier. I advised him, Hugh this is simply nuts! He responded,”How many carnivals sold tickets to see the 185-pound fat woman? Just none. But there are quite a few knuckleheads that will spend their cash to see the 850-pound fat girl.” He is accurate.

From the first minute to the last minute, Hugh was hilarious and extremely fun natured. Nobody likes it when starts asking the tough questions. Like, do you have account statements? Which I asked Hugh. And he calmly replied, “No.” Then I asked, do you even have a trading account? He replied, “yeah, but I don’t trade much.”

Oh man, I just sat and thought to myself, what am I going to do with this character? At the end of the conversation, I told Hugh the following:

  • If I don’t get any complaints, you won’t hear from me again. You are too small to write about.
  • I asked him to try and start trading with a live account for a potentially positive review.
  • Please stay small. If you get too big, then I have to write something.

With a laugh, we hung up the phone.

Fast Forward One-Year

Well, sure enough, Hugh couldn’t stay small. He decided to expand and start advertising. And so the requests to review jumped dramatically. So here we are. What has changed?

First things first, Hugh published a book on January 25, 2018 titled: Roadmap to Wealth. I purchased the book for $3.95 and commenced to read. So what did I think?

Firstly, it saddens me to think that a tree had to sacrifice its life to provide a canvas for this disastrous print. The book is remarkably terrible. Its as if Hugh picked up a random crayon with his toe, and proceeded to ‘draw’ a book. It is pure nonsense. The entire book is nothing more than a funnel which attempts to drive traffic to his corny website.

Some of the claims inside of the book are so ridiculous and outrageously fraudulent that it boggles the imagination that any person could actually believe such dribble. For instance, he dedicates a chapter to each of his supposed star students that have achieved fantastical investment returns. Like some character named Mujahid that supposedly turned $1k into $100k – twice. Within a year.

And some other story of a broke and desperate truck driver (Trucker Rick) with a hernia and not enough money to retire. But Hugh saved the day and now Trucker Rick is retired and enjoying the good life of unlimited shrimp cocktail and bikini babes.

Some other characters as well, like “Double Digit Dennis” and “Helpless Heather” and “Rich Richard.” All characters where Hugh has changed their lives and they are enjoying a lifestyle of unlimited shrimp cocktail and the finest champaign. The book declares in bold print, “These are all true life cases.”

As I sat there and opined that I had actually wasted $3.95 on this book, I thought to myself…what else could go wrong? It turns out, plenty more.

Apparently, Hugh has decided that he wants to enter the grand stage and become a world-class snake oil salesman. He will be a joining the other world-class investment experts at The Money Show in Las Vegas on May 14 – 16.

I am truly curious what his sales booth will look like.  I imagine it nestled between the guy selling an investment in an ostrich egg farm, and the guy selling a coconut plantation in Belize. Squeezed in between charlatan A and charlatan C, you will find charlatan B. Proudly proclaiming that his magical snake oil 5% daily investment returns will greatly improve your life.

Wrapping things up

In this review, I really tried to extract and separate Hugh Grossman from ‘Hugh Grossman 5% daily investment returns’. The truth is that Hugh is a really charming and fun character. The kind of guy that I would really enjoy hanging out with. He is fun and entertaining.

But I am also sure that Hugh is going to read this, and his feelings will be hurt. Nobody likes to be called a snake oil salesman.

Ultimately, my loyalty remains with the consumer. The real ‘Trucker Rick’ that is genuinely searching for answers, and looking for honest solutions. I cannot allow myself to be conned. And by not telling the truth about Hugh (at least my truth) would betray the trust of the audience.

Thanks for reading. Would love to know your thoughts. Have you ever been duped by a lovable con artist?