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Still another trading’mentor’ that professes to understand”the keys of penny stocks” Materials available vary from $397 to get DVDs to’greatest trader expertise’ at $4,900.

The person who owns this CSquared Trading, Ben Brinneman won’t disclose private trading functionality. Refuses to answer some queries concerning prior history. Won’t even acknowledge if he’s got a live trading accounts.

Agree to have been a former employee of US Bancorp within an”Institutional Bond Trader”, nevertheless US Bancorp does not have any record of previous employment. Finra.org does not have any advice or enrolled licensing for’Ben Brinneman’ in US Bancorp..

Is connected with, and also a pupil of renowned online con artist called Tai Lopez.

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Pros: Ben Brinneman seems like a really nice guy.
Cons: Lots of red flags. No track record. Refuses to answer questions about individual trading performance. Claims to have "Institutional" trading experience at well known bank. But Bank has no record of his existence. No licensing at Finra.Org. Affiliated with Tai Lopez, a well known internet marketing scammer.

Thanks for reading today’s review of CSquared Trading

The company CSquared Trading is a trading educational company owned and operated by Ben Brinneman, out of North Carolina. The primary focus is trading penny stocks. The company is offering the following products and services:

There’s no”real time” trading element. Instead, CSquared Trading seems to be marketed as a’funnel’ merchandise. To put it differently, a individual begins with a unique offer to get a cheap primer on technical evaluation. And a serious of promotional supplies start to emerge. The customer is accepted through the sales funnel, where Ben tries to curate a feeling of caring and trust, with the last objective of shutting the customer for the 4,900 private trading mentorship.

He’s not a high heeled guy. The picture he portrays through interpersonal websites is just one of wholesomeness, family person, kind and gentle.

History of CSquared Trading

A review of Archive.org reveals that the company first appeared on the trading educational scene sometime in 2009.

CSquared Trading

The company also occupies the following social media web properties:

No track record

During the months of December 2016, as well as February 2017, TradingSchools.club reached out to Ben Brinneman of CSquared Trading and requested more information on his own personal trading results. The big question that we wanted to know, does this guy even trade? Does he have a track record? Has he ever displayed any form of success at trading stocks? Unfortunately, Ben ignored all questions regarding his own personal trading performance. All emails are embedded with live tracking links, so we could watch (in real time) as Ben opened the emails, and then a short time later, he would simply delete the emails.

It is important to note that our emails requesting performance information contain a very friendly tone, are non-accusatory and are simply trying to build an argument as to why we should invest thousands of dollars with Ben Brinneman and CSquared Trading. Unfortunately, Ben is not willing to talk about this. At any level.

In addition to not disclosing any personal trading performance, there are several other ‘red flags’ that prospective purchasers should be aware of.

Red Flags

Ben Brinneman, in multiple published articles, claims that prior to becoming a full-time trading mentor, he was an institutional bond trader with US Bancorp. That this experience served as the foundation for offering his institutional level trading education to the general public.

However, there seems to be no history of Ben Brenneman ever working at US Bancorp as an “institutional bond trader.” TradingSchools.club contacted the human resources department at US Bancorp and requested confirmation of Ben Brenneman ever working as an institutional bond trader for the company, at any time. They responded that they have no records for a Ben Brenneman working for the bank.

US Bancorp also recommended that we contact Finra in an attempt to identify this person. They explained that anyone “trading bonds on behalf of US Bancorp would be required to register with Finra.Org, and would be required to have at least a Series 7. In addition, a person working in this capacity would also, more than likely be required to registered for the following licensing:

  • Series 53: Municipal Bonds
  • Series 65: Investment Advisor
  • Series 82: Private Securities and Bonds offering

TradingSchools.club scoured Finra and an attempt to discover the licensing history of Ben Brinneman, unfortunately, nothing appears to corroborate the self-professed history of Ben Brinneman.

Another Red Flag

In my opinion, the biggest red flag is Ben Brinneman’s affiliation with Tai Lopez. Many readers might not be familiar with Tai Lopez. He is an internet ‘celebrity’ that sells courses and instructional products on everything from picking up women, trading Forex to earn millions, trading stocks to earn millions, flipping real estate to earn millions, copying his internet marketing strategy to earn millions, starting an ant farm to earn millions, etc. etc.

Tai Lopez has been exposed countless times. He creates hundreds of clever marketing videos where he claims to own mansions, private jets, private yachts, rubs shoulders with celebrities, travels all over the world, etc. Its all a sham. A clever fraud. Everything is rented.

The Tai Lopez scam is a pretty simple and straight forward pyramid scheme. He proclaims to own some sort of ‘secret knowledge’ that you can purchase for a fee. If you refer your friends, and they purchase, you get a portion of the sales.

Tai Lopez also sells specialized marketing courses on “how to copy Tai Lopez” so that you can emulate his marketing techniques and overlay then onto whatever business you are currently involved. The guy is a scammer to the core. And you should be highly suspicious of anyone that affiliates themselves or professes to be a student of Tai Lopez. What genuinely worries me about Ben Brinneman is that he openly brags about being a student of Tai Lopez. Not a good sign.

CSquared Trading

Birds of a feather flock together.

I don’t want to become too sidetracked on Tai Lopez, but I will include a few ridiculous (100% fraudulent) promotional videos…

As you can see, Tai Lopez is quite the marketing charlatan. Am I translating the affiliation of Tai Lopez with Ben Brinneman to mean something more nefarious? Yes. In my opinion, both are selling the dream. The dream of financial success. Tai Lopez is a seasoned fraudster, and Ben Brinneman is more the ‘pan fry’ cheap version. A student of the master.

Wrapping Things Up

Many readers are interested why I’m even writing about Ben Brinneman, on the outside, it seems he is a’little fish’. But what most readers don’t understand is that Ben Brinneman of CSquaredTrading.com is a really active contributor on YouTube.

In reality, for the last several weeks, I can’t appear to prevent his various marketing and advertising videos. All paid ads. Nonetheless, it’s clear he is placing himself out on the world wide web rather harshly. Much better to ask Ben that the hard questions today, than to wait patiently till dozens of individuals begin whining to TradingSchools.club.

So to wrap things up and condense the review of CSquared Trading:

  1. No track record of investment success.
  2. Not willing to answer any questions about regarding trading history.
  3. Claims to have been an “Institutional bond trader at US Bancorp”, yet US Bancorp has no record of prior employment.
  4. Finra.org, the financial regulatory body has no record or licensing information regarding Ben Brinneman.
  5. Is a student of, and greatly admires a well-known marketing charlatan named Tai Lopez.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And if you have ever purchased any of Ben’s materials, or have an opinion, would love to read it below.