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Chartsky is a live day trading area with zero functionality disclosure. What’s more, the proprietor won’t disclose his name, or possibly a contact email address. A deep search shows that the proprietor of Chartsky also has roughly a dozen additional trading sites offering a variety of”trading secrets”. Trading area does not have any free trial, we’re expected to just trust and expect that we do not get screwed. A magnificent waste of time.

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Pros: Zip, zero, zilch.
Cons: They don't offer free trial. Owner of company has no track record whatsoever, no published performance metrics, refuses to even reveal his name and email address. Yet, the owner promises daily profits of $300 with zero proof of any prior success. A complete and total waste of time from guy that has a dozen websites offering all manner of trading magic.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Chartsky

The Chartsky website offers a live day trading room that can be subscribed at a monthly cost of $299 per month.

A fast overview of the site shows that there’s not any trading functionality posted everywhere. There’s not any free trial of this trading area. The owner won’t provide his first or last name. There’s not any email address to get in touch with this individual. Whomever is conducting this site only needs people to send him 299 a month to see him commerce. However, he will not release any info regarding his personal trading experience. Additionally, he’s got the site registration concealed from public opinion.

Why in the hell am I reviewing this piece of crap? Because I have now gotten 10 requests to review Chartsky. Once I hit the magical 10 requests, then a review commences. I have to ask those 10 readers that have asked me to review Chartsky, why? Please explain in the comments section. What could possibly compel anyone to send this bozo any money?

Chartsky: a closer look

One of the investigative tools that I like to use is a “server snooper”. What does that mean? Suppose that Chartsky is sitting on an IP address located at XYZ location, and the server is also identified ABC, then we can be reasonably certain that any additional website located at the same IP address and the same server will be affiliated with the same person. In other words, Chartsky is attempting to hide his identity from public view, but I have a few clever tricks that reveal whom the person actually is.

Who is Chartsky? Very simply, he is a yet another internet hustler selling yet another trading product, promising profits of $300 per day. Lets take a look at some of “Chartsky’s other websites.,,,,,,,,

If you take a look at these sites, they are basically a slew of get rich quick offerings of trading magic. Ebooks of various stripe that purport to teach secret trading methods and amazing trading setups. This list is long. and the offerings are all of the “get rich quick” variety.

Chartsky: for dogs and cats (and a ravioli roller)

In addition to running an amazing trading room, and selling a slew of trading books on how to get rich quick across a wide field trading websites. Chartsky is also offering a wide variety of pet products that help get rid of fleas and ticks, scabies, scratching, and mange. You can find Chartsky’s other websites here:,,,,,

Tying everything together

All of these websites are located at the same IP address, the same server identifier, and the same name server “TradersHelpingTraders.Net”. Its all the same person. Who is this person? After digging through all of these websites it was apparent that all of these websites lead back to the following person:

Chartsky Erich Senft

So, there you have it. Chartsky is a registered CTA by the name of Erich Senft. But for me, the biggest question is why hide? Why go through all of this trouble to hide your identify Erich? If a newbie investigator like myself could find your true indentity in 15 minutes, then why even go through all the effort?

Wrapping Things UP

Chartsky is obviously a ridiculous proposition. Whom would be foolish enough to send this person $300 each month, when he has zero track record? He refuses to reveal his identity. Hides his IP registration and wont even include a contact email address on his website. Why would anyone be crazy enough to even contemplate sending this odd ball a nickel?

Well that’s it for today. A wasted morning researching and writing about yet another trading room with absolutely no proof of success.