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Matt Choi of Certus Trading is still another huckster advertising trading strategies and lifestyle fantasies. A regular of this Trading Expo/Money Demo convention seeker, peddling a get-rich-quick options trading platform along with a supposed new lifestyle, free of financial stresses.

Claims you can”Only spend 20 minutes per week, and you’ll encounter 75% winning trades and 100 percent — 200% yearly gains.” This fresh and wonderful life of trading wealth can be yours for a one-time fee of just $3,997.

Regrettably, Matt Choi doesn’t have verifiable history of trading success. Only verifiable achievement is selling cars in Toronto Canada.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Certus Trading

The company Certus Trading is a stock option trading educational business that is owned and operated by Matt Choi, situated in Toronto Canada.

Per Archive.Org, their website appeared on the trading educational scene sometime in 2014.

Right after the website’s launch in 2014, Matt Choi began appearing as a “trading expert” at the MoneyShow Investment Expo, as well as the International Traders Expo. For those not aware, these seminars are basically a swap meet or a flea market where aspiring traders attend and interact with supposed investment educators.

The MoneyShow or Traders Expo typically sell “stalls” for $6,000 per trading educator. A trading educator can also be a “featured speaker” for an additional fee.

Attendees wander through the exhibition hall and are tempted will all way of investment temptation. Typically, you’ll discover penny stock hustlers, applications peddlers, magical trading indicator charlatans, brokers, and newsletter hucksters.

What is Matt Choi selling?

Certus Trading is selling a combination of products and services, which include:

  • $3997 Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint.
  • $500 per hour private coaching
  • $497 Trading BIG Moves Options Course
  • $497 monthly subscription to Options Alerts

The ‘crown jewel’ of Certus Trading is the $3,997 Advanced Options Strategy Package. An 8-week trading course that teaches users all of Matt Choi’s secret trading strategies.

The strategies come with performance guarantees of between 100% to 200% per month, for each strategy. For example, once such ‘secret strategy’ is called the Chicken Strangle, that supposedly turned $10,000 into $330,000 in less than 4 years. The following graphic is used as part of the sales presentation of Certus Trading.

Certus Trading

The “Chicken Strangle” trading strategy. Big profits, no roosters.

In addition to the “Chicken Strangle” trading strategy, Matt Choi also has various other trading strategies that also guarantee massive trading profits. These include such colorful names like: Crocodile Condor, Double Date, and the Bear Fly.

According to Matt Choi, a person needs to spend only about 20 minutes each week fussing with research and trade management.

Once the strategies are turned on, then the profits will begin to massively accrue, it is all very simple and easy. According to Matt Choi.

Certus Trading: Trader Porn

Trading educators love to use ‘trader porn’. Where the trading educator flaunts and promotes a magical lifestyle of easy riches, all because of their magical trading strategies. Some traders claim to own their own rocket ship that they fly into space, others claim to be hedge fund managers looking to help out single mothers, some claim to be 25X world champions of trading competitions, some rent yachts and flaunt bikini-clad women, some claim to have a direct connection to God, the list is too long and too sad.

Matt Choi’s ‘trader porn’ of preference is a dream lifestyle of world travel, fancy foods, and a relief of never having to worry about money again. The following video is a tiny portion of his often watched, and highly marketed video…

Who doesn’t want to live this dream lifestyle? Traveling the world, eating whatever you desire, visiting exotic locations, etc. And the best part, according to Matt Choi is that all you need is a laptop computer and just 20 minutes each week to execute his ultra secret trading strategies, like the Chicken Strangle, and the Crocodile Condor.

All of this reminds me of Tom Vu…

Contacting Matt Choi of Certus Trading

With such truly amazing investment returns, and claims of 75% accuracy and 100% to 200% monthly profits, TradingSchools.club reached out to Certus Trading for an official review.

What we really wanted to know, does this guy even trade? Does he have a verifiable track record? Can he substantiate his claims of earning massive profits from trading? Finaly, during the month of June 2017, I got Matt Choi on the telephone.

The conversation started pleasant enough. Prior to becoming a full-time professional trader, Matt sold cars in Toronto. Apparently, after reading some books and attending investment seminars, Matt Choi developed his own strategies that have unlocked great riches and amazing wealth.

He described how he wanted to help out average people, that were just like him and struggling. That he wanted everyone to live his dream lifestyle.

This all sounded so wonderful. However, words are just warm air. And so I asked Matt Choi very plainly, could he show me something that verifies his supposed trading greatness? At this point, the conversation turned very slippery and Matt Choi ‘the car salesman’ came alive. He began a series evasive excuses why he could not verify his trading performance. Some of these included:

  • “I am a very private person.”
  • “My lawyer said NO.”
  • “Canadian securities regulators could come after me.”

On and on this pathetic stream of excuses fumbled from his lying mouth. As each excuse rolled off his tongue, I became more and more disgusted.

I even offered the option that he give me a private screen share, that simply verifies that a trading account exists. That nothing would be shared with my audience, nothing regarding account balance, performance, or anything whatsoever that could possibly be construed as illegal. But the more I asked, the nastier and more pathetic he became.

I explained that all of my positive reviews contain some sort of performance disclosures and that disclosures are not illegal. But he kept up with his pathetic charade and in the end, he resigned to the fact that a negative review would be written.

Wrapping Things Up

My final email from Matt Choi included his whining about being “picked on.” He felt that it was unfair that I was going to write about him, yet I have written nothing bad about Rob Hoffman, or Timothy Sykes, and the rest of the trading hustlers at the seminar circus.

Well Matt, take a few minutes and read some of the reviews at TradingSchools.club, you will find that nearly all of your marketing brethren have also been reviewed. In fact, your review is quite tame.

Thanks for reading. Avoid this hustler. No track record. And a complete and total waste of time.