Thanks for reading today’s update of Avenge Trading Software and Avenge Trading Room

Sometime ago, I wrote a pretty tough review of Avenge Trading Software and Avenge Trading Room. My main gripe was that I could not authenticate the trading inside of the trading room. There was no DOM present on the screen, no trading from the charts, or account statements to verify results. And since the trading product is quite expensive, I conducted a particularly aggressive review. My hope was that I could motivate the company into revealing some sort of real time tracking mechanism, my favorite is an old fashioned DOM or price ladder.

It’s very important to say that the business trades across a range of distinct time frames. I discovered that the signs from the greater time frames, particularly that the 10 minute and also the 5 minute charts to be great. In a nutshell, the consumer stood an excellent prospect of replicating the signs from the applications in the slow moving transactions. But, I discovered that the scalp transactions to be extremely suspect. I just didn’t think that these signs could be duplicated by the consumer. This issue was at the center of my sour inspection.

Additionally in my review I wrote that the business had shown a whole lot of devotion to the item, were supplying excellent customer care, and investing in a lot of money in their marketing campaigns.

Collaboration With Avenge Trading Software

Positive change at Avenge TradingEvery time I write a negative review, the fly by night scammers usually disappear within a week or two. On 6 separate occasions, after posting the review and exposing the fraud, the company in question simply disconnected the phones and took down the website. However, on a handful of very rare occasions will the trading vendor reach out to me and attempt to resolve the issue. Lets face it, it is not easy to read a nasty review of your product and then contact the person that wrote the nasty review and try and bridge the difference. Its takes a lot of guts and courage to face your antagonist and offer an open hand.

I would like to thank Brandon from Avenge Trading for persistently engaging with me in hopes of working through our differences. In short, Brandon pushed through a huge change at Avenge Trading…all trades will now be on full display using a trading DOM. Full transparency. The following is a screen shot of the Avenge Trading Room, now on full display…a trading DOM.

Avenge Trading Displaying DOM

It is necessary that we give Avenge Trading a lot of credit taking this risky step forward. It will either make or break the business.

It is also important that we acknowledge that they are one of the very few companies in the trading universe that are now willing to show complete transparency.

Moving Forward

We need to fully support the trading vendors making positive change and are embracing transparency. I sincerely hope that my readers will give Avenge Trading the chance to show that they are authentic and offer a quality product.

You can sign up for a free trial of the trading room through the included link.

If you have any specific questions about the trading program, then please call Brandon directly at 702-832-1100.

Also, you might notice that I have increased the rating for Avenge Trading on the original review. In the next 60 days, I hope to come back and write a new review, a fully updated review based upon the new dynamic.