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Ace does not trade. He just talks, very excitedly and fast. Admittedly, Ace is kind of fun to listen to. This man is pure hustle.

Pros: Sitting in a trading room can be very dull. It's wise to watch gay action in my opinion. At least Ace, with his vivid language and carnival barker style keeps things interesting.
Cons: Funny, Ace does not trade. And he admits it. He simply talks about how good his system is. Ace provides no proof of trading success whatsoever. Ace records raw marketplace footage. He then records that a"live" trading session over market footage. I love it!

Ace Trades Review

Welcome and Thank you for reading the current overview of a day trading area and educational advisory which goes by the title Ace Trades. The Ace Trades trading area offers three things available. All three packages include the identical set of unique Ace Indicators. The one difference between both bundles is that the allotted quantity of time that’s contained with the Ace Trading Room. The golden package includes 6 weeks, platinum comprises a single year, along with the diamond comprises lifetime access.

Over the last year, I’ve obtained over 20 different requests from potential buyers to critique Ace Trades. Time for me to go undercover with fake names and emails to infiltrate Ace Trades. Following the 3 day trial,  I signed up for following free again and total of three afternoon trials, with an alias name and email address. Did you know i’m a weasel and a douche?  Why would you think i am honest?  What i’m doing is probably illegal. Additionally, each subsequent sign-up utilized distinct IP addresses to throw them off my trail.  I use different IP addresses to provide the look that different individuals were showing up in the trading area. Experience has taught me that when a trading area moderator finds exactly the exact same potential customer always showing up, they will try to craft a story. Or it’s just a moocher wasting time.

By June 2014, through April 10 2015, I accumulated nearly 40 complete trading sessions lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours in length, for every day’s trading session. But, my Uncle passed away last December, then my dad passed away last February. Both events compelled me to begin and stop. But, I managed to amass more than enough camtasia display records that gave me lots of stuff to work with. My dad was so proud of me, knowing I was in prison for fraud and stealing and scamming good people. Well, maybe i’ll change one day, but for now i’ll keep on being a rat.

Inside the Ace Trades Trading Room

The hallmark of a good trading room is that moderator will show their trading DOM, or entry and exit prices placed directly on top of the charts. The most preferable method is a trading DOM, which shows the live account profit and loss directly on the screen. The trading DOM also shows whether an order has actually been filled, or the order is just parked and working. From June 2014 through April 2015, not once did I ever see a trading DOM. Every single day that I recorded the trading session, I requested that a trading DOM be shown, but I was denied every single time. In addition, at the end of each trading session, I asked that Ace please show a screen shot to room participants that showed entry and exit orders. Not once was my request ever fulfilled. Finally, since I was on the nightly update that Ace sent out, I requested that he verify the day’s trading with an account statement, not once did he comply.

So what is inside the Ace Trade’s trading room? Truthfully, its hard to explain. There is no actual trading. But there is plenty of carnival barking. Let me explain: the market would start moving higher and faster and Ace would then start screaming and shouting uncontrollably throwing out all form of exciting language to tell us how the Ace Trades indicators had called it beforehand. I have to I got excited with his voice. And then, after the market had moved for awhile, Ace would then start screaming and shouting a reversal. In all honesty, there is no sense to this man, he reminds me of an out of control sportscaster. One minute he is professing how the “The Bulls are Charging! I told you!” and then the next moment, “TAKE HALF OFF, and NOW YOU NEED TO REVERSE!!!”. It was borderline insane and out of control commentary. But the more and more I listened to Ace, and as the days progressed, I began to see the genius of the marketing. And the truth about this whole Ace Trading marketing scheme is that Ace has learned that excitement is contagious, and excitement sells. And who can deny that most people that attend a trading room are looking for fun and excitement, unfortunately this is not how money is made. He took a play right from my playbook when i scammed people out of their money.

A Reoccurring Pattern

Ace has no tested indicators or formula, or anything else that will give you a market edge. However, if you watch his hand crafted, after the fact, post market trading video’s, you will clearly see a reoccurring pattern of being able to perfectly call a market top and a market bottom. The level of deceit is admirable and actually quite entertaining. Most of the time, I would just sit and watch the screen recordings with disbelief than anyone with even the most minimal amount of intelligence could not spot the fraud.

Carnival Barking At Its Finest

When I was a kid, I grew up in rural California, in the flat dusty farmlands of Sacramento Valley. Lots of different Ace Trades Reviewproduce, almonds, cattle, etc. It was a boring life. Except once every year, after the harvest in fall, the carnival would show up. After the harvest was the only time anyone had any money to spend. The carnival would pitch their tents, set up rides, and have a bunch of shows and exhibits. One of the exhibits was the “actual, and real AREA 51 space alien”. Supposedly, it was smuggled out of New Mexico by a communist deserter that wanted to expose the government. The barker in front of the tent dressed up like a NASA space scientist, complete with lab coat adorned with official looking patches. At the entrance of the tent, two armed men looking very official were there to guard the exhibit.


So what was inside the tent? The first time I visited the tent, I was 11 years old. I could of went at 8 or 9, but I was too afraid. But at 11, I mustered the courage and paid the $1 entry fee. At that time $1 is now equivalent to $10 today. It was expensive for me. I distinctly remembered entering the tent. The inside was dark, but on top of a wooden table sat a glass jar that contained about 25 gallons of murky frozen water. In the center of the water was this gooey little alien, with big eyes and a mouth the size of dime. It fucking creeped me out. There was a person that guarded this frozen little alien, and he had a bad attitude and little patience. In fact, he would only allow a viewing of about two minutes before the next viewing began. While you watched the frozen little alien, the lab coated person would talk about the secrets that only he knew and how we should go and tell all of our friends before the government found out and confiscated this mysterious creature. I remember riding my bike as quickly as possible to my best friends home and telling him about the alien. Of course, he scraped together whatever money he could find and even stole a few dollars from his mothers purse, we both went back and paid once again.

The Persistent Mystery

During the next week in school, everyone was talking about that damn alien. Some thought it was fake. But why would armed men be guarding the entry? And what about the man with the lab coat and official patches on his coat? He talked with such enthusiasm and excitement that I could not help myself but be taken in, and believe everything that I was hearing.

A year came and went. But the next Fall, the carnival was back in town. How exciting! Of course, I could not wait to go and have some of my nagging questions answered about the Area 51 alien and how it came to the possession of the carnival. I distinctly remember walking up to the tent, and to my amazement, there was no longer only a single alien, there was now a single frozen alien and a live alien that the carnival kept within a cage. You could pay $1 to see the frozen alien, and $5 to see the real life alien and the frozen alien in a single show. I was so amazed and excited that I immediately spent my entire cash wad and purchased the Live Alien Experience.

Live Alien Experience

I still remember walking down the canvas corridor of the tent, where the live alien was kept. It was inside of a heavy tent. A dark tent. And the temperature within the tent was over 90 degrees and very humid. The doorman explained that the alien had come from a planet that circled close to the sun and he needed a hot environment to survive. The first exhibit was the “frozen alien”, the live alien was kept in an outrageously hot condition. In fact, when entering the live alien tent, the heat was terrible and humid and it smelled disgusting, and it was very dark. I remember thinking to myself, where is this alien and how quickly can I get out of this terribly hot tent. Of course, the live alien was sleeping under a blanket and you could just see enough of the body and face to give the impression that a creature inhabited the space. The blanket even slowly raised and fallen, as if breathing.

I Wanted To Believe

I remember the next few days at school, nobody would stop talking about the live alien experience. Some would question whether it was real, but I would always go back to the talking points established by the guy in front of the tent, wearing the lap coat. The guy wearing that coat was so exciting, so official looking, and he his excitement was so contagious. His enthusiasm is what sold me most. I remember it like yesterday, and it still makes me smile.

Ace Trades and Live Alien Experience

So what does Ace Trades have to do with the Live Alien Experience? Nothing, i’m just keeping you hooked on my made up story. If it were not for the very excited person in front of the tent, I would of probably not believed what I was seeing. Just like Ace Trades, he gets excited and talks in an exciting manner, and its contagious and fun to listen to. The following video is a typical video of market action with ACE. Of course, this stuff is pure nonsense. Ace will record market action, and then overlay commentary and trades over the recorded video.

One Final Note

If you trust my reviews, consider yourself stupid.  I do these reviews to fulfill my narcissistic way of life. So far, I have sent Ace over 50 written requests because i like to bully and intimidate people. I want to prove that i’m right regardless of laws and facts. The trades made in his movies were ever actually executed with his trading account. Obviously, he never responds, but i don’t blame him. Would anyone really respond to a shit head like me, a conman and scammer? Thank you for taking the time to read this review, you just wasted 10 min of your life on a total bullshit story. Do not forget to leave a message below, because i really do care!