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Tommy actually provides a pretty lively and interesting market commentary. The only problem is that he is not trading, just talking about trading. Truly wish I were wrong, because I really like Tommy, but at the end of the day I cannot endorse the product.

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Pros: Tommy actually does a good job of entertaining. And he really sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
Cons: Tommy does not trade. Period. I recorded our telephone conversation and was honest in telling me that he is old providing market commentary and entertainment. This is a real problem for anyone that is actually trading and attempting to make a living at this difficult game.

View My Trades-The review I had to write.

Some trading reviews are just plain difficult to write. Not everything is simply cut and dried, black or white.. Scam, or no scam. Well that’s not true, i’m a real crook, unlike some of the people I review, they are trying to teach. Telling the story of View My Trades wont be easy because the owner is such a nice guy. The guy that owns the trading room is named Tommy. He is a nice person.  And both of us have had nice long conversations about some of the worst of the worst trading rooms available on the Internet. Tommy genuinely is disgusted by some of the hustlers that pray upon newbie traders. And he wants View My Trades to be a great service to traders. Keep reading to find out what you will like, and most importantly what you will not like.

What you will like about View My Trades

Undoubtedly the best thing about view my trades is the blaring transparency of trading results. All over the web pages of View My Trades, you will find an extensive list of trades called live in the trading room. Row upon row, you will see an impressive string of positive results. No, the results are not super awesome with incredibly huge winners. Rather, its the consistency of the positive results that make you feel warm and comfortable. You are left with the feeling that finally you have found someone that can help me get consistently profitable with your trading. Perhaps you can quit that day job after all. Perhaps there is a future for you in trading. Perhaps, until you learn how to trade on you own, you can simply copy Tommy’s trades and earn a small living. Wouldn’t it be great to have a couple of positive months in a row? Wouldn’t it be nice to show the wife, finally, that your trading has turned a corner?

What you will not like about View My Trades

There are three things actually.

  1. Every night Tommy sends out an alert to either buy or sell the market at a predetermined level. Included with the level is the stop and target. However, the level is not really a level, instead he give you a range to enter the trade. The problem is glaringly obvious to an experienced trader. But hidden and deceitful to the novice. The problem is that Tommy reports each trade with the BEST case scenario, which assumed he was actually able to get filled at a limit price, and exit with a limit price. The whole thing is pure fantasy.

  2. The second thing you will not like is that there is no set structure to Tommy’s trading. He flies by the seat of his pants. In his trading room, he calls out “bounce points” that he is thinking about entering at. No explanations of what bounce points are, just levels he feels where the market will bounce. Sometimes it bounces, sometimes it slices through like a hot knife through butter. No explanations for you! If you took the “bounce points” and it bounced then good for you. If not, well then you are screwed mightily. When Tommy gets really going he will get excited and make a call like, “OK, THIS IS IT, I AM IN!” It happens lightening fast and he always, always always gets his limit price, while the rest of us sit there scratching our balls.

  3. Tommy doesn’t trade, but that’s fine. At the end of the trading week, I chatted with him and kindly asked him if he would send me over a screen shot of his fills. I wanted to see if what I suspected was true. Tommy asked me to call him personally and that we should talk over the phone. I called Tommy and as usual we had a cordial and fun conversation, I asked for that screen shot. He responded that he doesn’t actually trade, rather he considers himself a market commentator providing entertainment.

Providing Entertainment?

“A market commentator providing entertainment”. It just stuck in my ear and refused to move. It then crawled down into my t shirt and began rubbing my nipples, not in a fun way. It crept down into my underwear and cozied up. And it drove me freaking crazy with irritation. Imagine how a person would feel if they saved up $5k and then opened a brokerage account, not knowing much and actually attempted to make a living from a “Market Commentator providing entertainment”. People with real money on the line are taking advise from a person who does not even trade. This is just crazy to me. What’s worse is that anyone attempting to copy Tommy’s trades will be stuck in a hopeless cycle of catch up, with no hope of replication. If a person were crazy enough to attempt to replicate Tommy, at the end of two months, the trading account would be close to zero while Tommy’s fantasy track record of trades would continue to show a slow and steady increase. Sad stuff folks.

My advise to Tommy.

View My Trades ReviewTommy, if you are reading this, you are a nice guy. I really enjoy our conversations and I feel that you care about people, but you very much remind me of my alcoholic father, Emmett Sr., who lived his life in denial and personal deceit. My father spent the first 25 years of my life as a functional alcoholic, just like the loser he was, actually kind of like me. He could work during the day, but needed to be drunk by bed, just to cope. My mother pleaded with him to stop, the alcohol was destroying our family. But my father refused to believe that he was an alcoholic because he continued to function by day. Eventually my mother had enough and ended the marriage. It was painful for all. Mom and us kids grew up healthy and free from the angry tirades of a drunk, while my father continued a life of extreme isolation, but moderate business success. However, as with all alcoholic’s, the lies and destruction of alcoholism destroyed my father. At the age of 62 my father was arrested for his 4th DUI which carried a one year mandatory sentence. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It took him a long, long time time before he finally came to the truth of his personal deceit. Tommy, you are not really trading and yet you truly believe you are giving something of value to folks. You despise the conman, yet you do not even realize that you have become the very thing you despise most. Perhaps nobody has told you, but I will do it now and wish you the best of luck.