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Is Petra Picks a SCAM?

Thanks for reading today’s review of Petra Picks The Petra Picks website and marketing materials declare that a Canadian person named Petra Hess discovered some sort of investment magic, is now extremely rich, and she wants to sell you her ‘Proven System’ so you can also ‘get

Wealth Press with Roger Scott

Thanks for reading today’s review of Wealth Press. Wealth Press is a stocks and options trading signal service. The main focus of this company is selling investment advice. This investment advice is delivered in the form of’trading signs’ that users have to access through a subscription-based platform.

Dark Pool Secrets with Stephanie Kammerman published a review of The Stock Whisperer a while back. We gave it low marks. Really low. The person who owns the company, a stunning woman named Stephanie Kammerman was purporting to become some sort of financial mystic. Apparently, while she had been working as a stock agents

Follow Me Trades 2019 Update

Thanks for reading today’s 2019 update of Follow Me Trades. This certainly is not my first time writing about Follow Me Trades. The very first review was back in 2016. In summary, the overall rating was excellent. At that time, what I enjoyed most about this trading

Aldo Lagrutta: Mucho Dinero Rapido

Thanks for reading today’s review of Aldo Lagrutta During the month of January 2019, a reader requested that conduct a thorough investigation and write a review about Aldo Lagrutta–a supposed full-time professional day trader. Nowadays, we will show the findings of this investigation and combine the findings to

Sal Starzun of StarzBank: Intergalactic Weirdo?

Thanks for reading today’s review of Sal Starzun of Starzbank Sal Starzun is a long time trading systems educator and trading systems vendor. His primary focus is trading the Futures markets. You can find many of his trading systems in the TradeStation vendor marketplace. Presently, Sal Starzun is promoting